Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Academic Curation

  “‘Stories of art’ are produced through the curatorial process of selection, juxtaposition and interpretation of art as exhibitions and ‘permanent’ displays. These processes affect not just what the visitors see but how they are encouraged to construct meaning and understand their experiences. Additionally, catalogs and other exhibition publications enable curatorial decision-making to be disseminated far beyond visitor communities.” (Robbins, 2005).

    " Curating in the field of education requires these same attributes as espoused by Robbins – selection, juxtaposition, and interpretation – with different content: that which is to be learned. The authors contend that curation of curriculum should be the story of selected content, which provides learners with opportunities to experience or view differing perspectives. The “permanent display” of educational curation allows the learner limitless opportunities to re-view and re-experience the multiple perspectives, with the ability to construct meaning each time the content is experienced. " (Stokes, Donnell, Eaton, Sherman, in press)

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